If you are coping with a physical illness, chronic pain, worry or anxiety and want to nurture your health and state of balance, I am here to give compassionate guidance on your healing journey.

I focus on the whole person by addressing health concerns from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective. As a Mindbody Healer and Coach, I teach you to go beyond your symptoms and to address underlying root causes of illness, stress, physical pain and emotional trauma.

Coaching Program


During your Discovery meeting, I will guide you through a process to get to know you at a very deep level. I look into what makes you tick as a person so I can gather information to help YOU heal. Each person is unique and the plan I create is individualized just for you. Once I have a good understanding of you, your condition, and your personality profile, I will determine if you are a good fit for the coaching program and you can decide if you’d like to move forward with the next sessions.

Wellness Score

After the discovery meeting, I compile information into specific categories which I then use to create a wellness score for you. Just as a doctor assesses you physically, I will assess you at a mind/body level. We will discuss your personal score and then work together to hone in on your individual needs and customized solution for permanent healing.

The Path to Healing

Once your wellness score is determined, I will help you identify the barriers that are standing in your way. You will set goals, learn practices, and take actions. We will then concentrate on your individual plan by delivering timely insights, help build your confidence in your understanding of the Mindbody conditions, and teach you to overcome doubts by removing your roadblocks.

Staying the Course

We will have ongoing follow up and reassessment of what is working. You will have direct access to communicate with me and I will be there to provide encouragement and compassion. I will be there to cheer you on your way to a pain free life so you can gain the clarity you’ve been seeking.

The Followup

Occasionally we fall back into bad habits or we lose our confidence in the healing process. If we hear something or have a recurrence of pain or other symptoms we can easily lose all progress we have achieved if we have fallen into a state of doubt, worry, or fear.

It is crucial to address these doubts immediately in order to restore confidence and get back on the proper path to being Pain Free for Good.

**All conversations are confidential**

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Group sessions accepted. Prices vary based on situation. Please email with regards to Group Sessions

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