If you have happened upon this page then chances are, you are in a the same boat I was for many years. Lost, exhausted physically and emotionally, longing for something but not quite certain what it is you are searching for. It’s taken me several years to grasp the ever pressing questions I had of “How do I get to that place?, When am I going to feel good again?, Why am I in pain?”

There is not just one single answer but a broad spectrum of how you get to that place. Let’s take a minute and think about how many people these days suffer from back pain, shoulder pain, debilitating headaches, female problems, knee pain, chronic fatigue, thyroid problems, adrenal problems, plantar fasciitis.. the list goes on and on and on.

The underlying issue is that our Western culture has been teaching us that the mind and body are separate, treating our physical symptoms separate from our psychological issues when in fact they are ONE.

How many of us have spent thousands of dollars seeing physicians and chiropractors? How much money have you spent on prescriptions and vitamins and this and that? I’m here to tell you you are going in the wrong direction. You are just putting a bandaid on your wound. Your body does not heal because of the bandaid. It heals from the inside out. It has a natural ability to heal itself. So why are we not getting better? We live in a society where we are ALWAYS going and ALWAYS doing, with very little time to be at ease. This day in age our society does less back breaking work than 100 years ago. Our ancestors walked the plains, took care of farms, did laundry by hand etc, etc. Why is it that NOW nearly everyone has back, knee, shoulder, and hip pain? Do you think our bodies have suddenly deteriorated? Why are all these diseases popping up now at such an alarming rate? Why are we all affected by one thing or another? Something isn’t right…What is the common factor to all the madness? What is really going on? The problem is we don’t want to address the emotions that we bury deep inside of us. Your body is creating pain to keep you distracted from what’s really going on.

Our problems are too painful to talk about, to admit that we are not ok with a certain something in our life. Maybe we had a rough upbringing, maybe we went through a heartbreaking divorce, the loss of a loved one, financial difficulty, our home life is or was not what we expected, or we have too much pressure to be everything to everyone. There are many things that happen to us that are too upsetting to deal with so instead of talking about it, addressing it, or standing up and saying that’s not ok or I’m not ok, we tuck it away. It’s easier to deal with by pretending it doesn’t bother us. We tell ourselves “Don’t show any emotion, be tough, keep going”… But we all know that inside we are RAGING!!! How could this happen to me? Why did I have to go through that? Why does that person keep making my life hell? Why, Why, Why?

Our bodies are not designed to keep all that emotion hidden away. It wants OUT!

It wants to say I’m not ok…. Did you ever wonder why people say “I just need a good cry?” Crying releases those emotions. It says I can’t handle this anymore. I’m upset, I’m angry, I can’t take it. And then what? You feel a little bit better. But when it’s not released, it still wants out. So it finds a way. And that way is through our body. It can manifest in any form of physical pain or disease if it gets built up too much. Worry creates stomach aches, tension and stress create headaches. All physical pain has an emotional root. What connects the mind to the body is the nervous system, which medical textbooks refer to as the “master control center.” You will be amazed at how the spine and nervous system are interrelated and connected to every aspect of our health and wellness. Deepak Chopra tells us “The mind and the body are like parallel universes. Anything that happens in the mental universe must leave tracks in the physical one.” I’m sure for a lot of you this is all a foreign concept.

Most people do not associate the mind and body as one but I can assure you, God put our minds inside our bodies for a purpose. They work together. So today, instead of thinking outside of the box, get rid of the box.

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