Tension Myoneural Syndrome

How many of you are suffering from pain that is inconclusive or not explained by diagnostic testing?

Have you been told “It’s all in your head?” Have you tried everything in the books to alleviate your pain and nothing works? Have your doctors told you they “just can’t find anything wrong?” If you have answered Yes to any of these questions then you most likely have Tension Myoneural Syndrome. Aka…..TMS. Tension is the result of anger buried in the body. Myoneural is muscles and nerves. And Syndrome is a collection of symptoms.

TMS. Have you heard of it? I hadn’t either. Not until I was so desperate for help and relief did I stumble across this life changing diagnosis. Dr John Sarno was the one who originally described the condition. TMS is an emotionally induced physical disorder known as Tension Myoneural Syndrome. Myoneural meaning a physiologic alteration of muscles and nerves, AKA a painful but harmless change of state of muscles. Symptoms are caused by psychological stress which creates mild oxygen deprivation in the body via the autonomic nervous system due to repressed emotions and stress.

With that said, the pain being “all in your head” is VERY real.

Many who have suffered from back pain, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, migraines, allergies, and many other problems have been told by doctors they have degenerative or herniated disc disease, have overuse, or are “just aging” to name a few. Thousands upon thousands have been able to heal and live a normal pain free life by applying Dr Sarno’s ideas.

So how does TMS develop? Are you hardworking, conscientious, responsible, compulsive, or a perfectionist? The very heart of TMS is us fighting against what we want vs what is the right thing to do or is the socially acceptable thing to do. Think of a 2 year old. If they want something, they let you know! If they are scared or tired, they cry. If they are angry, they throw a fit. If they don’t want to go somewhere, they voice it. You always know how they feel about everything and they will never be afraid to tell you just how it is. Well, over time we grow and learn that its not acceptable to behave that way. We have manners, we don’t cry, if we have any kind of emotion we no longer voice it. We bury it deep inside because our innate nature is to be loved and if we behave in an unacceptable manner we fear we will not be loved. This repression of emotion causes RAGE inside us. We WANT to voice our opinion. We want to be heard and loved for who we are, not for who we are trying to be. We don’t want to go to work. We don’t want to be the caretaker. We don’t want to make dinner every night without any thanks or help cleaning up. After so long we develop a deep seeded resentment towards these tasks or people. This repressed rage can only grow inside of us for so long before it is desperate to get out!

This is when TMS comes in. We don’t want to address these emotions so we repress. We create an intense amount of emotional tension by the repression. The tension causes the physical symptoms thus distracting you from the emotion. In the end TMS develops because we are unable or unwilling to process the emotion.

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