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"I am forever grateful to Heather and her Pain Free For Good coaching program. Working with her has been life changing both physically and emotionally. Through the discovery call Heather designs tailored program based on your specific needs and goals. Her toolbox is extensive and her knowledge is vast. If something isn’t working she will switch it up. Heather has a refreshing approach and she believed in me from day one and her belief never faltered! Heather was always available. If I needed a pick-me-up or to celebrate a win I could always count on her. Every session was gold, as I gained more confidence in myself my symptoms and fears lessened. Every day my life is expanding. Heather creates a space of compassion and safety. All while empowering you to take back your life! I highly recommend working with Heather and so glad I took a leap of faith. If you feel stuck and have tried everything to no avail I highly suggest you go for it! Because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!It was the greatest investment for my mind, body, and soul. And because I am the most valuable investment I will ever make! And so are you, what are you waiting for!"


Jody G
"Heather at Pain Free for Good helped me discover some things that I had been burying inside. I was having severe neck and jaw pain and from the very first visit, Heather was able to dig into who I was, where I came from and what I wanted. Coming back for the next visit is where I started to see what the root of my pain was. She had exercises and tools I could start right away that would help unlock that pain. It took some time to create these habits and to work through some of the emotionally rooted pain, but I can happily say, that pain is GONE! And if a pain pops up, I am able to sit and reflect and find what emotionally is going on with me to relieve the pain. I originally went for the neck pain, but I since have also been able to use her tools to work through depression and anxiety and get off all medications!! To say Heather is very inspiring and cares deeply about her clients is an understatement. She WILL help you. I highly recommend her. There is nothing to lose but the pain by working with Heather."


Camille Nichols

"When I first went to Heather I had horrible back pain on my left side. I went being skeptical not thinking this would help me at all. She started the process and within 10 minutes i could feel relief. I really concentrated on listening to the meditation. When heather finished I sat up and then pain was gone. I never thought that could happen. This has taught me that mediation and talking about my feelings can fix anything. It was amazing. I actually cried. When I first got there I could barely walk. When I left I could walk upright with no pain!! I threw my back brace away I had been wearing for a week because I understood that there was nothing physically wrong with me. My back did not “go out” for no reason. I had underlying emotions I had refused to address and since doing so, I have been Pain Free."


Jaimee Layne

"I honestly can NOT BELIEVE that I am writing a HEALING TESTIMONIAL for you today!! Never in a million years did I ever think I’d be free from 20 years of suffering chronic fibromyalgia pain symptoms and bipolar depression. You have given me the most beautiful gifts of EMPOWERMENT & FREEDOM, and I cannot wait to share what you’ve taught me.

After 3 months of doing the work and trusting the process that you’ve taught me, along with your support and encouragement, I found the courage to start weaning off my meds. Another 3 months and I’m now completely off all 4 medications! I’ve taken some form of daily medication for 23 years, and I thought it was helping. I’d still have painful flares or serious depressive episodes break through almost every month, but I thought it would be SO much worse without any meds to “take the edge off”.

I cannot believe how WRONG I WAS!

My last dose of medication was 6 days ago. On day 3 of no meds, I awoke with such CLARITY in my mind- all of the fog, confusion, exhaustion, and that dark cloud that seemed to always be hanging around was GONE. I felt like a completely new person, like I woke up in a different body!! (Where did my sad, broken, pain stricken body go?!?)
I feel lighter, happier, more focused and grounded. I feel strong, capable, and wise! I understand my mind better, I am starting to hear my intuition again, and I feel more calm and peace within. I have a better understanding of WHO I am, and how my soul communicates with me. Most importantly, I know that I am safe to be in my body and express my truth without fear. WITHOUT FEAR!!! Never thought I’d say that, either!!

I can’t say thank you enough for holding my hand through this and teaching me how to do the work. I was planning on “living” with chronic pain for the rest of my days, hoping I’d be able to minimize its impact on my quality of life. Thanks to your knowledge and coaching, I now get to maximize the quality of my life and live the way I was created to live- full of joy and wonder and love! Best of all, now I get to pay it forward and help others do their work and heal, too!

What a wonderful gift you’ve helped me to receive; the gift of self love. I am crying tears of joy and gratitude as I close this. Thank you, thank you, my beautiful friend."


Deena Cuda

"Last fall I had started feeling very anxious/racing heart, not sleeping well, shaky hands. I was sure my thyroid was off…Nope, bloodwork and ultrasound came back normal. A couple weeks later I started having numbness and tingling in my feet, over time symptoms progressed and the numbness spread to my upper legs. My hand was always shaky and I started having numbness in my face. I was sure I had started having early symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) as I studied up on it my symptoms got worse and I was in a bad place emotionally.

Worried about my future and how I could be the mom and wife I wanted to be. One morning I woke up dizzy and off balance so I went in to my doctor, he suggested we start the testing for MS. He did some more bloodwork, x-rays of my back, and an MRI…all were normal. Once I finally got into the neurologist and did the nerve testing to figure out what was going on he also said everything is normal and asked what my sleep and stress levels were like? This is when I realized I needed to figure out what was going on and started looking for other ways to help me feel better. During this same time period my husband started having severe back pain and it was just getting worse.

My sister introduced me to Heather and I started meeting with her. She was amazing at helping me refocus on myself and why I was feeling the way I was. Heather taught me how to overcome and handle the stress I was dealing with so I could be pain free. I learned a lot about myself and why I was struggling so much.

I can now say that I have none of the symptoms that I was struggling with before. I feel lighter and more at peace. My husbands back pain has gone away as well. He was so worried about what I was dealing with that it caused his back to hurt. The mindbody connection is amazing!"


Ellie Giblette

"One year ago I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was relieved to finally have an answer to my chronic pain, but I would be lying if I didn’t get a little depressed reading about my condition. From all of the groups I was a part of and the information I was seeing on AS it made me think I would be living with chronic pain forever. That only with medication could I find some comfort as well as help my chances of my spine not becoming deformed. I was hoping to go a more natural route to healing myself. My rheumatologist was not on board, but I opted out of taking medications I had bad reactions to. I decided instead to nourish my body and mind through a more natural approach.

I had not been able to workout consistently for almost a year before I was diagnosed. It felt as though every time I tried, it would put me in bed or in more pain than before. I met with a Physical Therapist, as well as nutrition/ health coach, which did help me get back into a routine and start to see some positive results. Although it wasn’t until I spoke with Heather that I was able to become completely pain free.”

While listening to a podcast on AS, I came across Heather and her approach to healing pain. It was an answer to my prayers. It didn’t happen overnight, but with the tools Heather has given me I can confidently say I am pain free and my body is healthy. A recent MRI showed that my spine does not show any signs of worsening without medication which was my rheumatologist's concern. If someone is dealing with pain, I would suggest meeting with Heather. She will teach them tools to use in their daily life to help keep them pain free!”


Taryn Passifione
"Working with Heather was an amazing experience! She helped shift my mindset, lift my confidence, help me heal some negative symptoms I was unknowingly manifesting. She brought a whole new perspective on healing and happiness. Knowing her and getting help from her is one of the biggest blessings I’ve received. I will forever be grateful for the things she taught me and helped me work through."


Jodi Stonehocker
"After dealing with a fair share of anxiety and depression that subsequently manifested to lower back pain, I decided to look into an alternative approach to healing. Heather was able to really listen to me and understand "why" I was feeling the way that I was. Through emotional mapping, I became overtly aware of my emotions and my trauma. I was able to work through how my physical pain was a direct reflection of my emotional pain. Heather helped guide and direct me through these issues while making me feel safe in the process.

Although I have more work to do on my own, I feel confident that I have been provided a way to feel better."


Rachel Barker

"I started working with Heather last year when I was in the midst of a lot of self-discovery. I had been struggling with pain in my hamstring, lower back, and neck for quite a while. I had no idea how out of touch I was with many deep, hidden emotions, and how working through them was the key to getting rid of my pain. She helped me understand the mind-body connection and TMS, and gave me exercises that were key to working through emotions so I could finally be pain free. I can't recommend working with Heather enough - her kind, patient, and loving coaching has given me relief from pain and solid methods to stay in touch with how I am feeling. I'm so grateful to her for being such a compassionate guide and friend."


Gayle Lessman

"Heather has been such big part of my healing. She has been a friend, a coach, and has helped me discover the power within myself. She has given me tools and has shown me different ways to look within. I have been in chronic pain for the past 15 years and have been diagnosed with Lyme disease. I just told my Lyme Dr I was finished with Lyme treatment. I’m dealing with all the emotions and loving myself throughout the way. I’m not pain free yet; but I’ve come a long way and I’ve seen dramatic changes in how I feel and I’m so grateful for the loving support of Heather. She is kind, understanding, honest, and helps you help yourself."


Angela DeRossi

"I became good friend with heather through a workout class. Her energy and attitude stood out to me. I was curious and followed her on social media. After along 6 months of wanting to get help I finally reached out.

I had recently been through a lot of loss. I was in a dark place and didn’t know where to turn. I was in chronic pain and very defeated with life.

Heather has changed my life for the better. I was able to work through a lot of emotional pain that I didn’t realize was suffocating me.

Things from childhood,adulthood and just life in general. I now understand how to control my thoughts In different situations. I FINALLY decided to put me first. I can’t help anyone around me if I’m not good.

The greatest thing she gave me was a greater relationship with God. She showed me how loved I am and how great my relationship with him is.

Forever grateful for heather and all she has taught me."


Haylee Woodward

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